Soups, Stews & Chilies

A 100-page cookbook from the editors of Cuisine at home!

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Transcript: "Cook up delicious slow and savory comfort food with the Soups, Stews and Chilies cookbook from Cuisine at home. Start with two dozen soup recipes. Your home will be filled with aromas of simmering goodness including chicken noodle, tomato and beef noodle, and even exciting new temptations like new supreme pizza soup. Next, hearty and satisfying stews. Low and slow, they're definitely worth the wait. Eleven recipes for chicken, pork and beef stew come at you while we teach you step-by-step and hands on. Then get your hands around great chilies, from classics to all-new recipes like Cincinnati chili. And don't forget all our great soup sidekicks for meals that give comfort from wintertime to any time. Soups, Stews and Chilies—only $9.95 with free shipping when you order now."

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Soup's On with Soups, Stews & Chilies!
  • Savor our delicious soups, hearty stews and flavor-packed chilies
  • Choose from 80+ healthy and hearty recipes with photos
  • Get creative with unique and delicious side dishes for every recipe
  • Discover the warmth and pleasure of Soups, Stews & Chilies tonight!

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